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The Big Picture

In Culture, Personal, Politics on June 25, 2010 at 6:00 PM

You see this picture? I know the kid that did that. He and his friends waited until Waterloo was completely asleep, and they set out to spray-paint the town with their words. Since he was driving, the kid was completely sober that night, although it was anything but a sober operation. What they realized as they stumbled through the night, whispering, looking out, keeping the car running, was that their footsteps would go unnoticed because the people of this town rested deeply at night.

Protest State

In Culture, Personal, Politics on June 23, 2010 at 9:30 AM

Line up! Barricade! Single File! Where’s your buddy! Move out! We’re going to need more people down here! Who’s that?! Keep them together! Make them go west!

Bikes and Blue, every officer with shades, everywhere we went, all around us, every corner, in the distance, along the sidewalks, collapsing and recreating themselves over and over again, providing a Bike and Blue path for the protesters to march through, funneling protesters along the streets of Toronto, containing them. Andy and I were relieved that the police could distinguish us, two simple observers of the exercise, from the actual protesters. He wore a collared shirt and I stayed off to the side with my hands in my pockets. We basically just moved with the crews from CTV, CBC, CP24, SUN TV, OMNI, and some other channels I didn’t recognize.

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