Letters to Rob Ford: Campaign Promises

In City, Criticism, Culture, Letters to Rob Ford, Personal on August 14, 2011 at 11:54 AM

Chris Burt shares a letter to the mayor:

Thanks for being mayor, keep up the good work!

I know a lot of people are giving you a hard time these days about ‘not finding’ the gravy, or doing the other stuff, but I am quite proud of several of your achievements to date, and I would like to outline them for the purpose of ensuring that your side gets a fair and balanced shake against the liberal media.

The first and most impressive accomplishment of your first year in office is repealing the 60$ vehicle registration tax, which directly results in savings for hard-working Toronto taxpayers.  Many regular working families will now save 60 dollars each year, with some saving one hundred and twenty dollars, and only a minority of Toronto families saving 0 dollars.  The ‘save the library’ crowd must have failed to take into account how many books can be bought for the above amounts, other than the last one.

Your second greatest accomplishment to date is not breaking any major campaign promises.  Pundits are howling that you are about to break one, and that may be true, but it technically has not happened yet, and even when it does it will only be one major campaign promise reneged on.  The media will try to suggest that breaking a single major campaign promise is a big deal, but how could you have known the city’s financial state?  You would have had to go to boring budget committee meetings, asked questions, maybe even looked over documents.  In other words, it’s those socialists who came before you who made you break this one single major campaign promise.

 Another part of your mandate was getting the cities unions in line, and that part of the mandate has been not only mentioned, but privatization of garbage collection in one of the city’s districts may happen as soon as one year from now (although likely not that soon), for a (projected) savings of 6 million dollars, or a whopping .7 percent of the total budget shortfall.  Also, at this rate, we’d have fully privatized all city garbage collection within one and half mayoral terms!  I bet you could scrap the transit union within a dozen terms!

One more thing I want to give you credit for is allowing previously planned programs to come to fruition.  In theory it would have been very difficult for you to kill the bike-share program set up by your predecessors, and extremely expensive to renege on the new streetcar purchase, but in practice people around the city have been holding their breath over these things.  Now, Bixi has successfully begun being implemented, and the streetcars are still on the way.

In conclusion, by putting an end to a sixty dollar tax, attempting to do some other stuff, and not doing still more, you have done exactly what all Toronto voters should have expected.  You haven’t been arrested or escorted from any public events lately, and you showed your commitment to family values by going to the cottage instead of a parade.  Keep up the great work, and I can promise you at least one vote in the next election: your brother’s.


Chris Burt

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