Letters to Rob Ford: Tea Party Connection

In City, Criticism, Letters to Rob Ford, Personal on August 1, 2011 at 1:42 PM

Dear Mr. Mayor,

I admire you. It took a lot of determination to tune out 22 hours of whiny complaints by the public regarding proposed service cuts for the city. Most politicians would have been moved by such a demonstration, but not you. I can only imagine how annoying they were. I guess all of us at Ford Nation were too busy since nobody came to support you.

Anyway, just hang in there. These people don’t understand that this is about politics using straight lines, from A to B.

END: Reduce deficit

MEANS: Whatever it takes

GRAVY: Promise kept

Hey, you know what’s weird? The similarities between your approach to slashing Toronto’s deficit and the Tea Party Republicans’ approach to cutting American debt. Of course, unlike you, those people are idiots. Tea Party Republicans had brought the world’s most powerful country to grinding halt on the basis of pledges they made to their constituents. For them, opposing big government in principle is much more important than contemplating the very real and practical implications of their actions.

But that passion, that spirit, the sheer desire to keep a promise no matter how drunk you were when you made it – that’s what leadership is about. That’s what I see in you. Does it really matter if Torontonians don’t share the conservative ideals of the Tea Party? Is it relevant that Toronto has the strongest economy of all Canadians cities, giving it much more time to cut the deficit thoughtfully over a period of years?

Those aren’t rhetorical questions, but to you they are. Keep drawing the straight lines.


Umar Saeed of Trinity-Spadina

PS – Does Ford Nation have any sort of website or meetings? I’m lonely.

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