On the Fence

In Criticism, Financial, Fresh on October 19, 2010 at 1:22 PM

First, click on this and read the headline.

Then, click on this one.

The same newspaper on the same date, the same source for the article, roughly the same content – yet two distinct headlines. This, from the leading business newspaper in Canada. In one of the articles, it goes on to explain that the buy/rent ratio is probably not even that meaningful, and difficult to compare over time since rent controls affect how much rents can go up while housing remains in a free market.

Increasingly, our dailies provide more clutter than they do information. The sad part is that the same article has two headlines because they know we don’t actually read the articles. They want to be sure that we find what we’re looking for.

Take II:

The Globe and Mail is one of the leading business newspapers in Canada for a reason. They provide a balanced point of view. While Desjardin’s opinion of the buy/rent ratio might have been alarming on its own, the paper posted a second contrary article to demonstrate that perhaps there’s no reason for alarm at all. Such balance is exactly what permits readers to form their own opinions. Or, for people who already have opinions, such balanced reporting provides ample confirming evidence to support that opinion, whatever it may be.

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